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Computer Support

Computer slowing down? Afraid you got a virus? Need help upgrading components on your gaming PC? Whether it's a PC or Mac, trust that a BlueMax tech can help you sort out all your computer issues. We are great at remote learning and work-from-home setups too! 

Audio / Video Setup

Tired of having multiple remotes? Do you need your TV and components wall mounted? Always wanted a killer surround sound system and have room to room audio like Sonos.  Our experts can recommend the perfect setup for your space.

Smart Home Integration

Want to be able to control your home by the keywork 'Alexa'? Did you buy a smart gadget but don't really know how to use it? Want to feel safer with a smart, home security system? Let us help you figure it out so you can maximize your investment. 

Mobile & Tablets Setup

Did you just get a new iPhone or Android device and want to know how to move your stuff over? Want to be able to stream to your TV or print from your phone or tablet? What accessories will allow you to do certain things? Our knowledgable staff can help.

WiFi & Network

You subscribe to 'fast' internet, but surfing the web still feels slow? Part of your home not receiving any wi-fi signal at all? What is a 'mesh' wi-fi system?

We can help improve the wireless performance all throughout your house. Just give us a call.

Business Services

Do you need a digital signage system for your shop? Need help with a banner or logo? Wondering what's the best way to setup email and secure data for your business? Call us for a free consultation.  We can help streamline all the tech your business needs. 

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